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Becoming a BIM Coordinator

The beginning of a professional career is a difficult period for everyone. Everything is new, we learn a lot, we make mistakes and we often get stressed with each new meeting.

I remember my first steps as a rookie BIM Coordinator. Lots of meetings, new technologies, new software, and workflows. I tested what works and what doesn’t. Often hours of work were wasted because of wrong planning or incorrectly configured software.

However, along with gaining experience, I gained confidence and skills. Each new project was easier for me. I knew what to do and how to do it. People came to me and asked for help and advice. I felt that I knew what I was doing and that I was really good at it.

Some time ago I decided to share my experience and knowledge gained in various BIM projects. After a few months of work, the BBC – Become BIM Coordinator program was created and launched.

Petru Contraduru, the host of the BIM Voice podcast, invited me to his channel to talk more about the BBC – Become BIM Coordinator training.

We discuss:

– How the training is structured,
– What is the main goal of this comprehensive course,
– What students will learn from it,
– What skills BBC student will gain,
– How you can enroll to the next edition of BBC.
– and more…

If you want to work with the BIM methodology and you think about the work of a BIM Coordinator or Manager, be sure to watch this episode.

Let me know if you like the episode.

Thanks, Petru Conduraru for having me on your show, and I look forward to appearing in more future podcasts!

Definitely keep an ear out for future episodes of BIM Voice, where Petru talks with other specialists from the AEC industry. 

Enjoy the show.

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