Krzysztof Wojslaw

Krzysztof Wojsław

Parmetric Design Specialist

Hi, my name is Krzysztof Wojslaw. I met BIM thermology in 2013 at the Norwegian Technical University NTNU in Trondheim, where I wrote my master’s thesis for the Norwegian Public Road Administration.

A few words about me

For 3 years I have been associated with Sweco – Oslo, as a bridge designer, where my mainly tasks are: coordination of international projects and implementation of new design methods. I was responsible for the BIM model of the first bridge in Europe approved by the road administration only based on the 3D model – ‘drawing less’ (2017). In addition, I am a participant in the Nordic cooperation program for standardization of software and design methods – Nordic Bridge Environment.

I like to share knowledge and experience. Therefore, on LinkedIn, I publish practical examples in the field of parametric modelling and task automation, which I use in infrastructural projects. In addition to that, I participate in numerous BIM conferences as a speaker. Active living – a former rugby player, and the current triathlete. Privately – a lover of trekking with wife in the Polish and Norwegian mountains. 

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