Konrad Naborczyk

Konrad Naborczyk

Design Manager / BIM Specialist

Hello, my name is Konrad and I work in Norway as a design manager in a leading international construction company, Skanska.

A few words about me

My first encounter with BIM was at the NTNU technical university in Trondheim in 2010, where I stayed one year as an exchange student. That inspired me to write my master thesis about BIM and parametric design and to explore the possible use of this technology in the building and infrastructure industries.

Since then I have been working in Norway as a designer, site engineer, tender engineer, design manager and BIM-responsible. My experience with working on different positions and being engaged in different phases of projects helped me to improve my understanding of the whole building process, starting with conceptual design, through detail design, execution and handing over the ready structure.

Privately I like learning new languages, going on multiday hiking trips in mountains, travelling and running.

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