How to manage and validate BIM data on a project built without drawings

Complex hospital projects contain an enormous amount of BIM data. Especially those that are built without drawings. New University Hospital in Stavanger is no exception – project IFC files combined weigh over 35GB! Hundreds of models combined, myriad data sets.

How not to get lost? How can we trust this data? How to ensure it will move on to the Facility Management stage?

Lately, I was a guest on a live show hosted by Ignacy Łoziński via his Become BIM Coordinator training community.

I talked for over an hour about a hospital project I am involved in. I explained the project, its organisation and our digitalisation goals – we are building the hospital without drawings.

The main question I wanted to address was how to manage an immense amount of BIM data so that it is possible to drop the drawings on a construction site. I run through our data requirements, data structure, data management and validation. I shared what I mean are the most important object properties.

Loads of knowledge, recommend watching!

Recording of the webinar

Below is the recording from the show. And if you think about becoming a BIM coordinator, I do recommend to subscribe to Ignacy’s newsletter.

Should you still be curious after having watched the video you can learn more about data management on our blog. Here are some BIM Corner resources on data management and validation:

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After reading this guide you will learn:

  • How BIM is used on the biggest projects in Norway
  • What were the challenges for the design team and how were they solved
  • What were the challenges on the construction site and what was our approach to them

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