What is like to be bim coordinator?

What is it like to be BIM Coordinator?

How do you like to absorb new content about BIM technology? Do you like reading articles, watching videos or maybe listening to podcasts? Everyone has their favorite way. On our blog you can both read articles (Articles) and watch Videos (Youtube Channel). This time I invite you to an episode of the BIMvoice podcast with my guest appearance.

BIMvoice is a podcast about BIM technology. Thanks to Petru Conduraru and his podcast guests, you can find out, among others, what BIM is all about, what challenges accompany the AEC industry and how we can contribute to the development of this industry. Lots of inspiring stories for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge of BIM technology.

In episode 28, where I was a guest, I told, among others, who co-creates BIM Corner, what BIM technology means to me and what are the advantages of using this technology in the project. We also talked about the challenges of BIM education and what skills a BIM Coordinator should have. In addition, I shared my experience of working as a BIM Coordinator on infrastructure projects in Norway and described the difficulties I encountered while working on the E39 motorway project, which won the AEC EXCELLENCE AWARDS this year.

I invite you to watch or listen to this episode.

Let me know if you like the episode.

I also recommend listening to other episodes, especially those with guests who work on the Norwegian market.

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After reading this guide you will learn:

  • How BIM is used on the biggest projects in Norway
  • What were the challenges for the design team and how were they solved
  • What were the challenges on the construction site and what was our approach to them

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