BIM in Norway

BIM in Norway – Webinar

I had the pleasure of being a guest in a webinar this week, which was dedicated to discussing the use of BIM Level in Norway.

The event was organized by the AgileBIM channel, a platform that aims to promote and facilitate the adoption of agile methodologies in the AEC  industry. The host of the event was Billel Zedazi from Agile BIM channel.

During this webinar, we discussed many topics related to BIM in Norway.

This is what you are going to learn from this event: 

1. What’s the current state of BIM in Norway: Firstly, we took a close look at what’s currently happening with BIM in Norway. I discussed why I think Norway is a leading country when it comes to BIM adoption. I presented my opinion based on 4 facts.

2. The main challenges faced by BIM professionals in Norway: We also talked about the challenges faced by BIM professionals in Norway. The main one is the problem of data quality and data management.

3. How to overcome the above-mentioned challenge: I also proposed how we can overcome the challenge of poor data quality.

4. Lean methodologies in Norway:  Then the conversation turned to the topic related to the Lean Construction methodology. This approach is a game changer in the construction industry, and I wanted to show you briefly how it works in Norway.

It’s not everything!

During the rest of the webinar, I showed how BIM is used in one of the largest infrastructure projects in Norway – the extension of the Oslo metro line – on the Fornebubanen project.

If you want to see the entire webinar, check the link below. 👇

Take care, and I hope this webinar inspires you to learn more about BIM!

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After reading this guide you will learn:

  • How BIM is used on the biggest projects in Norway
  • What were the challenges for the design team and how were they solved
  • What were the challenges on the construction site and what was our approach to them

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