Open BIM

This section is all about open standards from BuildingSMART. What is IFC, BCF, MVD as well as how to export from various software to IFC.


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Articles about Open BIM
Kolaboracja IFC
Open BIM

Secrets of the IFC format

The idea of open standards seems to be extremely important for technology development (including construction). The application of these standards is a driving force behind innovation. New technologies improve process efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up project delivery time.
Where does the idea of open standards giving any results come from? There is no need to look far. Let’s have a look at the most recognizable example, a few people could imagine their everyday life without… the INTERNET.

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IFC as universal data exchange
Open BIM

Everything worth knowing about the IFC format

The current BIM software market offers us many opportunities for choice as to which tool we are going to use. Each of the programs is …

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