Revit to IFC – BIM After Dark Live

On our blog, we talk a lot about IFC. There are three separate series created by Janusz (IFC basics), me (about IFC export) and Ignacy (Revit export to IFC). But this subject is a never-ending story – the majority of the branch knows too little about IFC exchange to make it work seamlessly. That’s why I decided to share on our blog a recording from my live on YouTube, where I talked about this subject.

Lately, I was a guest on a live show on a popular YouTube Channel about Revit and BIM technology – “BIM After Dark”, hosted by The Revit Kid. I had a chance to talk about basics of IFC schema and I showed how to correctly set up an example export in IFC (this is also covered in Ignacy’s entries). I also talked a little about my professional path and how I ended up being so much involved in BIM technology. That’s something that I haven’t shared on this blog yet. 🙂

Here is the recording from the show (if you work with Revit, I generally recommend to follow Jeff’s channel).

P.S. I didn’t manage to show it during the show, but this is the best way to open an IFC file in Revit.

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1 year ago

could you publish default, sample property set & mapping tables?



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