Marcin Pszczolka

Marcin Pszczolka

BIM Manager

My name is Marcin Pszczolka. I deal professionally with the topic of BIM for Infrastructure.

A few words about me

In 2015, I wrote my master’s thesis on BIM in Infrastructure. Since then I have been professionally involved in BIM. During my career I have worked as a railroad designer at COWI and as a product manager at Trimble. I also gained professional experience as a BIM Coordinator at Norconsult. where I worked  on large and small infrastructure projects. Currentely I hold the position of BIM Manager at Trimble

I am fascinated by new technologies, autonomous solutions and the broadly understood digitization of the construction sector.

Privately, I like traveling with my wife, sports and spending time actively with my friends. At BIM Corner, I am responsible for the BIM section about infrastructure.

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