Marcin Pszczolka

Marcin Pszczolka

BIM Manager

My name is Marcin Pszczolka. I deal professionally with the topic of BIM for Infrastructure.

A few words about me

In 2015, I wrote my master’s thesis on BIM in Infrastructure. Since then I have been professionally involved in BIM. During my career I have worked as a railroad designer at COWI and as a product manager at Trimble. I also gained professional experience as a BIM Coordinator at Norconsult. where I worked  on large and small infrastructure projects. Currentely I hold the position of BIM Manager at Trimble

I am fascinated by new technologies, autonomous solutions and the broadly understood digitization of the construction sector.

Privately, I like traveling with my wife, sports and spending time actively with my friends. At BIM Corner, I am responsible for the BIM section about infrastructure.

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My articles

BIM Coordination

Tasks of the BIM Coordinator in the project execution phase (part 2)

You probably know from the first part of the article (  that the BIM project can be divided into three main phases. Project initiation phase,
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BIM Coordinator
BIM in Infrastructure

9 Things That Surprised Me About Working as a BIM Coordinator

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What is like to be bim coordinator?
BIM in Infrastructure

What is it like to be BIM Coordinator?

How do you like to absorb new content about BIM technology? Do you like reading articles, watching videos or maybe listening to podcasts? Everyone has
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input data in bim
BIM in Infrastructure

Input data as the most important element of BIM documentation

Raw data, basic data, input data, master data. There are many terms for BIM documentation containing a description of the existing situation. One thing is
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We were infraSTUDIO guests

Professor Marek Salamak from the Silesian University of Technology in Poland launched his own information channel, called infraSTUDIO. The format of the program involves short
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how to start with BIM
BIM Basics


As you could read in the first part of the article, BIM is not only software. First of all, BIM is a set of
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