BuildingSMART International Standards Summit: Report from “Ticket to Open BIM” Game

As part of the BuildingSMART International Standards Summit held from March 27 to 30, 2023, an exciting game called “Ticket to Open BIM” took place. The event gathered 30 BIM enthusiasts who were divided into 6 teams. Each team consisted of an Appointing Party and an Appointed Party (Client, Contractor). The game’s objective was to demonstrate effective collaboration between the client and the designer and to test the new IFC 4.3 and IDS standards.

Each team was assigned specific software and a coach.

I had the opportunity to participate in the game as the coach for Trimble software and the IFC 4.3 standard. My task was to support the “White Tigers” team in creating an IFC 4.3 model in the Quadri and Novapoint programs and to help them understand the principles of openBIM.

It’s worth mentioning that the “White Tigers” team consisted of outstanding specialists such as Marco Andersson (Trafikverket, Sweden), Vincent Keller (Egis, France), Luca Curreli (RFI, Italy), Marina Calisti (Femern A/S, Denmark), and David Gerner (SBB, Switzerland). Their task among others included creating an IFC 4.3 model using the Trimble Quadri and Novapoint software.

bim for infra
The first stage of the game was the process of defining requirements. The teams familiarized themselves with the initial documentation (EIR) and established a strategy of action. The “White Tigers” decided to begin the competition by dividing into smaller working groups, which allowed for better organization of work.

The next stage involved modeling the infrastructure in Quadri and Novapoint software. The IFC 4.3 model presented the railway alignment with various types of horizontal and vertical segments, as well as transitional curves and cant, which was a novelty in the openBIM world. Along the alignment line, there were objects such as signals, which were correlated with it using ifcLinearPlacement, and the mileage information was presented using relations with ifcReferent. Objects also had attributes such as Name and Description.

IFC 4.3 model of railway alignment:

After completing the modeling phase, it was time for the verification stage. The BIM model underwent various tests, including validation in the BSI system ( and RDF. These tests checked the correctness of geometry, relationships between objects, and attributes to ensure that the model complied with the IFC 4.3 standard.

Furthermore, the model underwent validation in the IDS (Information Delivery Specification) system. This verification stage ensured that the model met all the requirements of the information delivery specification, which is crucial for ensuring the completeness and quality of BIM data.

In conclusion, the “Ticket to Open BIM” game was not only an excellent opportunity to showcase collaboration between the client and the designer but also allowed for testing the new IFC 4.3 standard. The “White Tigers” team demonstrated the highest level of cooperation and precision in creating the model, leading them to victory. All participants also got to experience the potential of Trimble Quadri and Novapoint software in delivering a 100% compliant IFC 4.3 model.

The game’s results demonstrated that there are 9 conscious suppliers in the AEC market who recognize the potential of developing open standards. It’s worth noting that clients are ready to demand IFC 4.3 standards, indicating the growing importance and recognition of open standards in the industry.

Moreover, “Ticket to Open BIM” was not just a competition but, above all, an excellent opportunity to meet and collaborate with BIM enthusiasts from around the world. The event undoubtedly contributed to raising awareness and engagement in developing open standards in the AEC industry.

Congratulations to the “White Tigers” team on their victory, and I wish all participants further success in their efforts to promote BIM and open standards.

I would like to thank the organizers of BuildingSMART International and Engisis for the great event and unforgettable experience. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet again soon.

Finally, I invite you to watch the video on the buildingSMART International YouTube channel. In this video, you will find a brief summary of the “Ticket to Open BIM” game.

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