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Secrets of the IFC format title

The Secrets of the IFC Format part 3

The number and type of information we assign to the objects may vary depending on a project’s stage, the country, industry, etc. Since it is still hard to standardize all this information, the number of attributes assigned to classes in the IFC schema is reduced to the necessary minimum. And that does not mean we can do nothing about it. The IFC schema meets such requirements by Properties, which we can almost freely assign to objects. In this post, I am going to focus on this particular topic.

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Kolaboracja IFC

Secrets of the IFC format

The idea of open standards seems to be extremely important for technology development (including construction). The application of these standards is a driving force behind innovation. New technologies improve process efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up project delivery time.
Where does the idea of open standards giving any results come from? There is no need to look far. Let’s have a look at the most recognizable example, a few people could imagine their everyday life without… the INTERNET.

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